Stand Up Paddles

Grey Owl offers Stand Up Paddles for flat water and surfing. Whether you are racing, surfing or simply enjoying a ‘fitness paddle’ on a mirror calm lake, we have a model to suit your needs.

Our paddles come in 2 different teardrop blade styles with shaft options that allow sizing for novice and experienced paddlers from 4’8″ to 6’9″.

Our smaller blade is ideal for beginners, high tempo paddling and racing. The larger blade is best suited for strong paddlers, surf, fast boards, downwind running and provide more stability for learning balance and bracing.

Sizing your Stand Up Paddle

For an efficient paddle stroke on a stand up paddleboard, your top hand should be between your chin and your eyes at the catch of the stroke with the full blade in the water. To choose a paddle size, put the paddle grip on the floor and while you’re standing, the blade should start at your chin to eyes. Use the longer end of the range for racing or a more aggressive stroke and closer to the chin for a more relaxed stroke or for surfing. A person at 5’10” should be using a 78” – 82” paddle.

Another method is to add 8” to 10” to your height for the overall paddle length.

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